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If you’re inspired by the remarkable journey of Dr. Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A., and wish to explore potential collaborations, seek her insights on healthcare and investment, or request an interview, this is your platform to initiate that connection. As the driving force behind pioneering ventures such as Lese Investments and the groundbreaking iHealth Paragon Inc. “HealthyMee”, Dr. Lese has left an indelible mark on both the medical and financial realms.

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For media professionals, researchers, or anyone interested in diving deep into the insights and experiences of Dr. Lese, she’s open to interviews. Given her multifaceted expertise that spans across healthcare, finance, and community service, conversations with her provide rich, in-depth perspectives. If you’d like to schedule an interview, kindly reach out directly via email at Please ensure your email contains a brief introduction, the purpose of the interview, and any specific topics or questions you’d like to cover.

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As a visionary who continually seeks to drive positive change, Dr. Lese remains open to collaboration opportunities that align with her values and vision. Whether you represent an organization in the healthcare domain, an investment entity, or a community-focused initiative, there’s potential to create synergies that can amplify the impact. To explore such collaborations, reach out with a detailed proposal and the intended outcomes you envision.

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Beyond formal collaborations and interviews, if you have specific questions about her work, her impact on the healthcare IT landscape, or her strategic approach to responsible investing, you’re encouraged to get in touch. Dr. Lese values the global community’s curiosity and is always keen on sharing her knowledge with those eager to learn.

Your insights, queries, and collaboration ideas are invaluable. Engage with a thought leader who stands at the intersection of medicine and business. Connect with Dr. Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A., and be part of a journey that’s transforming industries and lives.