About Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A.:
Trailblazer in Healthcare and Investment

A Visionary in Healthcare and Finance

Dive into the dynamic journey of Gail Bronwyn Lese, M.D., M.B.A., a luminary who seamlessly intertwines her passion for healthcare with a profound acumen for investment. As the Founder and Chairman of Lese Investments, she guides individuals and institutions towards prosperous financial futures, underpinned by responsible investing principles. On the other side of her spectrum lies HealthyMee, the brainchild of Dr. Lese and a testament to her innovative spirit. iHealth Paragon Inc. “HealthyMee” stands as a game-changer in Healthcare IT, protected by global intellectual property rights, and redefining how the world approaches digital health.

With her impressive stint as Fund Manager, Dr. Lese steered the $100 million Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Portfolio to immense success. This achievement is even more laudable considering she achieved it within a mere span of nine months, especially during a challenging US market downturn. Accolades followed, with BusinessWeek spotlighting the fund as one of “The Best Mutual Funds”. Not to be overshadowed, her prowess led to the fund outshining the S&P 500 by a staggering 29.3%. Under her adept leadership, Morningstar recognized this excellence, elevating its rating from 3 to 5 stars.

A Medical Practitioner with Distinction

Before charting her course in the world of finance, Dr. Lese dedicated herself to the medical profession. A proud alumnus of Harvard Business School, from where she acquired her MBA, her early academic pursuits saw her garnering a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in both Philosophy and Biology from the esteemed Lehigh University. This was soon followed by a Doctor of Medicine degree from the prestigious Cornell University Medical College.

Her medical tenure in Los Angeles was marked by specialization in Pediatric Medicine and Pediatric Neurological Surgery, honed at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Dr. Lese’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge is evident in her impactful research, which has not only gained national attention but also international acclaim, finding space in leading medical journals.

Service Beyond Profession

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Lese is a beacon of community service. She has actively contributed her expertise, time, and passion to various causes, including her tenure on the board of directors for the Foundation for Gender Equality. Her volunteer portfolio is expansive, encompassing associations with the Mass Mentoring Partnership, the American Red Cross, and the laudable Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod. Additionally, she has been pivotal in founding community-centric programs, associating with noble causes like the L.A. Free Clinic and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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